Balletic Moves for Bellydance with Khalida (3 Videos)

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'Balletic Moves for Bellydance' is a 3-part conditioning, technique & combinations video set.

In this nearly 2-hour downloadable/streaming class I share my favourite tips, movement drills and follow-along exercises from ballet - applied to bellydance.

Practice along with me and enjoy getting stronger ankles and feet, moveable hips and a deeper turnout (who doesn't want that! :)) You will learn balletic basics, bellydance application, traveling steps & combinations, several practice drills as well as a short bonus combination with veil.

Working with this class regularly will help you get smoother traveling steps, more fluid transitions, graceful arms, more effortless movements and beautiful body lines.

You will learn:

  • My favourite conditioning routines (for Feet, Turnout, Hips/Ankle Strenghtening)

  • Ballet Basics, Foot Positions and Bellydance Application

  • Arm Pathways and Transitions

  • Plié-Relevé practice Routine & Bellydance follow-along variation

  • Movements & Traveling Steps

  • Simple Turns

  • Ballet-inspired Combinations for Bellydance

  • A Bonus Combination with Veil

Note: The combinations and follow-along are set to music by fantastic Danish Composer Søren Bebe (see link below)

I am very happy to share this material with you.

Let's dance!

Contents: 3 videos

Duration: 1h56 minutes

Level: beginner-plus to advanced

Format: download and streaming

Preview video:

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Music Credits

Practice-to-Music Bonus:

Combination Rhythm Drill:

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Beautify your bellydance! Khalida's favourite tips & techniques from ballet to help improve your bellydance practice and performances

1h 56 min
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Balletic Moves for Bellydance with Khalida (3 Videos)

6 ratings
I want this!