NEW: BOOST 2023 - FAN VEILS (Live + Recordings) 12-Week Series

Kim Khalida Bech
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Welcome dear BOOSTie-to-be!

Would you like to..

  • Give yourself a gentle, effective movement BOOST?
  • Feel stronger, relaxed and more confident?
  • Improve your dance skills in a joyful and playful way?
  • Feel more energized, uplifted and inspired?
  • Get creative (and/or familiar) with the magic of dancing with fan veils?
  • Do something fun and relaxing for YOU?

And best of all, get all of this in just 3 short online sessions per week?

Yes, yes, and yes?

Then BOOST Season 3 - Fan Veil Fun is for you <3

What will we do?

BOOST 2023 Season 3: Fan Veil Fun - Topics

  • Week 1: Fan Veils Basics
  • Week 2: Closed Fan Frames
  • Week 3: Closed Fan Twirls
  • Week 4: Closed Fan Turns (Bonus: Closed Fan Flow*)
  • Week 5: Single Fan Accents
  • Week 6: Single Fan Wraps
  • Week 7: Single Fan Turns
  • Week 8: Single Fans Flow
  • Week 9: Double Fan Accents
  • Week 10: Double Fan Frames
  • Week 11: Double Fan Turns (Bonus: Double Fan Flow*)
  • Week 12: Fan Veils JAM!

(*Note: The Bonuses are 2 free mini follow-along flow clips for practice)

Exciting, right?

Yees - I'm in!

When are the Live classes?

  • Mo 12:30-13:00 CET (Berlin Time): Strength
  • Tue 12:30-13:00 CET (Berlin Time): Relax
  • Fr 12:30-13:00 CET (Berlin Time): Dance

How can I join BOOST?

  • Live via Zoom (see weekly schedule above)
  • Replays via FB (until end of December)
  • Recordings in Gumroad (unlimited access)
Ok, sounds good - Let's BOOST!

Tap the 'I want this' button to become a Season 3 BOOSTie

xx K.

This 12-Week Live Online Class Series starts on Monday, 28th of August 2023. Recordings will be uploaded to Gumroad on Fridays during course weeks - Access to the BOOSTie FB Group is included until end of December 2023.

Note: VAT/BTW/MWSt. will be calculated on checkout for countries where applicable.

If you run into any questions at all about joining BOOST, email me and I'll do my best to help you out.

I want this!
I want this!
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Get access to BOOST 2023 Season 3 Live Classes & Recordings!


NEW: BOOST 2023 - FAN VEILS (Live + Recordings) 12-Week Series

0 ratings
I want this!