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BOOST21 Season 2 - SHIMMIES (Recordings) 12-Week Series

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Hello dear BOOSTie-to-be! Welcome :)

Let's work on those SHIMMIES!

  • Would you like to dive DEEP with me into movement?
  • Do you want to have better posture and more freedom to move?
  • Would you like to learn how to use safely, effortlessly and effectively improve your dance technique? 
  • Are you curious to see the effects of these changes on your SHIMMIES, one of the most iconic movements of belly dance?

Then my Online BOOST SHIMMY Program is for you.

What will we do?

In this 12-Part Series for dancers of ALL levels we will focus on effortless and powerful Standing Shimmies - Traveling Shimmies AND 'Specialty Shimmies':

  • Basic Hip Shimmies
  • Egyptian Shimmies
  • Shoulder & Twist Shimmies 
  • Freeze & Shiver Shimmies
  • 3/4 & Hagalla Shimmy 'down' 
  • 3/4 Shimmy 'up/out'
  • Choochoo Shimmies
  • Steady Walking Shimmies
  • Flutter Shimmies 
  • Layering Shimmies
  • Shimmy Q&A's/Surprise Shimmies
  • Shimmy DANCE Party! 

What is in the Package

  • Immediate access to ALL Shimmy BOOST Recordings
  • The recordings are yours to keep (download or stream), forever.
  • A printable/editable Workbook is included so you can keep track of your Progress

What is our BOOST System?

"Strength for Effortlessness
Flexibility for Power
Dance for JOY"

We'll be diving DEEP into all of this for Season 2 - SHIMMIES of my BOOST Program.

Why do we work this way? Gentle strength practice helps to activate and loosen up parts of us that get 'stuck' from lack of movement. Relaxing these parts of us helps us have better posture nearly instantly. Better posture and alignment will translate into more efficient movement. And THIS in turn gives us more quality of movement. So we can simply let go and enjoy the practice. 

The end result? More effortless, powerful shimmies.

Does that sound good to you?

Are you ready?

Let's transform your SHIMMIES together :)


Prices & Payment:

  • Price: 125 EUR PLUS VAT/BtW/MWSt(*)
  • (*) Gumroad will automatically add a VAT(BtW/MWSt) percentage on checkout for countries where this is applicable (non-US residents)
  • You can self-generate a VAT invoice via your Gumroad Receipt for your Dance administration (let me know if you need assistance for this!)

Here's what Participants are saying about The BOOST Program:

“Being part of the online BOOST series was a wonderful experience. Khalida is a great teacher. I always love her classes in real life.

In these past months I joined the online classes (I was a bit nervous because I am not such a fan of computers and online stuff) I did not know if online would work for me.

It was amazing.

Although we worked form a computer screen it felt like real personal contact.
These classes really improved my posture, fluidity and dancing.
Looking forward to the 2021 series!!!”

– I. The Netherlands

“I originally signed up for Khalida’s BOOST classes because I saw she was offering a silk veil series, and that happened to be a topic I was working on at the time. I’m really glad I did! Although I normally prefer to focus my training on all things Egyptian, I have found these classes, and Khalida’s approach to teaching, incredibly helpful.

I’m not a naturally coordinated person, and I’ve often found my dancing is held back by muscle imbalances and body awareness issues, which aren’t addressed in most bellydance classes.

So I really appreciate that Khalida breaks each topic down to its absolute basics and goes through the underlying anatomy, with carefully chosen exercises to activate and release exactly the right muscles for each movement.

It is like a multidisciplinary bodywork class designed especially for the physical demands of bellydance!

I can already tell after a few months that this is helping to give me a much stronger physical foundation for all of my dancing, which I can take with me into whichever styles I am studying.

It really is BOOSTing the overall level of my dancing! Plus, the short classes are a lovely low-pressure way to unwind with movement, after a day of working at my desk :)”

– R. United Kingdom

“I love Khalida’s approach: on Monday strength exercises, on Tuesday relaxation and on Friday we dance.
These 30-min sessions are quite intensive, but a lot of fun.
Afterwards I’m bursting with energy!

Since Khalida does not only master belly dance, but also studies ballet and Korean sword, she teaches differently from other teachers.

I signed up for the Super Student packages because real-time zoom classes seem to motivate me more: Khalida gives immediate and effective feedback during the class that will help you to improve your dance in a correct way.

After each BOOST series, your dance is transformed completely.

My shimmies are a lot stronger, my posture is improved and when I dance I focus on a lot more than only ‘dancing’.

I would recommend these classes for everybody: from beginners to advanced.”
– S. Belgium

Now it's YOUR turn!

Are you READY to become a BOOSTie?

I know you are.

Let's DO DIS!

(Hit the 'I Want This' Button and join the BOOSTie Adventure!)

xx K.

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BOOST21 Season 2 - SHIMMIES (Recordings) 12-Week Series

12 ratings
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