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BOOST22 Season 2 - DANCES (Recordings) 12-Week Series

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WELCOME dear BOOSTie-to-be!

Would you like to..

  • IMPROVE your POSTURE, (almost) effortlessly?
  • feel STRONGER and more RELAXED?
  • learn how to get CREATIVE with what you know?
  • feel more CONFIDENT and more PLAYFUL in dance?
Then online BOOST is for you :)

What's in the BOOST Season 2 Package?

  • ALL BOOST Season 2 Recordings (12 x 3 Sessions - no expiry)
  • FREE BOOSTie Workbook (printable & digital)
  • FREE BOOSTie Resources (links & tips)
  • Early Sign-Up Access for future BOOST editions

What are the Themes for this BOOST package?

BOOST Season 2 - Making DANCES

  • Week 1 - Center of Gravity
  • Week 2 - Places of Power
  • Week 3 - Stopping and Going
  • Week 4 - All About Angles
  • Week 5 - Belly of the Dance
  • Week 6 - Internal Transitions
  • Week 7 - Framing & Feelings
  • Week 8 - Shimmies on Top
  • Week 9 - Little Surprises
  • Week 10 - Friends with the Floor
  • Week 11 - How to PLAY
  • Week 12 - Dancing Jam/Party!

How can I watch the videos?

You can download or stream your Season 2 recordings (forever yours!) after purchasing via:

Are you ready?

Let's BOOST your DANCE :)

How to join:

  • Click/Tap the ‘I want this!’ Button!
  • Choose your payment method
  • Fill out your email address / payment details
  • Click the ‘Pay Now’ Button once you are back in Gumroad
  • Note: you will have to click 'Pay now' in the Gumroad checkout window ALSO if you have paid via Paypal - otherwise your payment will not be completed.
  • If you are not sure whether it worked, simply email me at
  • That's it! You're IN for BOOST Season 2 :)

TIP: If you don't see a Gumroad receipt pop up right away after your purchase, email me and I will double check for you whether your payment was successful.

IMPORTANT! Pricing and VAT:

(*)  Do I have to pay VAT/BTW/MWSt for BOOST?

  • If you live outside of the US, then most probably YES. You can calculate the VAT % that will be added for your country here
  • VAT/BTW/MWSt is automatically calculated at checkout on your Gumroad payment page based on your location
  • If you pay via Creditcard, the totals are shown on Checkout in USD (instead of EUR)
  • You can generate a VAT-invoice via your Gumroad receipt to reclaim the VAT if you have a VAT number (if you need assistance with this, let me know!)

All good?

YES - Let's do dis!!

Here's what our BOOSTies are saying about the Program:

“These classes are really improving my posture, fluidity and dancing.”

– I. The Netherlands

“Lovely low-pressure way to unwind with movement, after a day of working at my desk :)”

– R. United Kingdom

“I love Khalida’s approach: on Monday strength exercises, on Tuesday relaxation and on Friday we dance. Afterwards I’m bursting with energy!”

– K. Belgium

“I would recommend these classes for everybody: from beginners to advanced.”
– S. Belgium

Are you READY to become a Season 2 BOOSTie?

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I'll be super happy to welcome you.

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BOOST22 Season 2 - DANCES (Recordings) 12-Week Series

3 ratings
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