Dance Conditioning - 4 Pre-Warmup Routines and Follow-Along Drills (2 Videos)

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Healthy movement for Deeper dance

In this video I share my favourite conditioning exercises and warmup drills to help you deepen your movement quality, improve your mind-body connection, and hopefully even rediscover and restore lost ranges of motion.

It contains 4 different 'warmup styles' - plus a dancealong drill to music for each part with movements that fit that particular warmup section.

The aim of this class is to help you get the most out of each of your dance practice sessions.


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I'm very happy and excited to share this new material with you!

Duration: 1h30 minutes

Contents: 2 Video files

Level: Open level


Healthy Movement for Deeper Dance - Dance Conditioning with Khalida

Part 1: Relaxation and Awareness

  • Breathing exercises

  • Floor relaxation

  • Releasing the upper body, arms, neck, head, legs, and hips

  • Tips for deepening upper body movement

  • Dance drill (for smooth and '3D' upper body and arms)

Part 2: Martial arts-inspired Warmup

  • Light cardio warmup

  • Footwork and ankles

  • Breathing for recovery

  • Deeper stretches for hips and legs

  • Anti-stress and diaphragm strenghening exercise (martial arts style punch and kyiap mini-tutorial)

  • Shimmy drill (for stronger shimmies with relaxed upper body layering)

Part 3: Movement pattern progressions

  • Movement sequence and strenghtening patterns

  • One-sided and two-side hip movements drill

Part 4: Feet, Ankles and 'Cogs' release

  • Pre-test range of motion

  • Releasing the feet, ankles and lower legs

  • Hip hinge and squat technique

  • Re-test range of motion

  • AiM 'Cogs' in all 3 planes of motion - Dance warmup version

  • Rounded movements drill


xxx Kim/Khalida

I want this!

Prepare your body for dance with Khalida favourite conditioning routines and test the results with 4 follow-along drills!

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Dance Conditioning - 4 Pre-Warmup Routines and Follow-Along Drills (2 Videos)

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