Oriental Choreography & Taqsim Tips - A Step-by-Step Guide (3 Videos)

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Learn a Khalida choreography!

In this DVD I will guide you step-by-step through one of my favourite Oriental Choreographies, including tips for how to dance to a baladi taqsim, a mini-techinque tutorial, and a bonus performance video.

This Online class includes:

  • Dancing Warmup

  • Step-by-step Choreography Instruction

  • Practicing each section with Music

  • Taqsim Improvisation Tips

  • Practicing the full Choreography

  • Cooldown

  • Bonus: 'Apple Picking' Tutorial

  • Bonus: Demo Performance

You will learn a full 4-minute oriental/raqs sharki/magencé belly dance style choreography - Ready for Stage! The individual steps are taught as repeatable combinations; which then come together into a full choreography at the end.

The Music we'll dance to is Ishta (So sweet) - from Album Cairo Nights vol. 2 by Dr Samy Farag

Video Details

  • Level: intermediate/advanced

  • Duration: Video length: 2 videos of approx 45 minutes each, plus bonus video

  • Choreo duration:  +- 4 minutes

  • Bonus Documents: Taqsim Tips and Choreo Notes.

I am excited to share this new material with you!

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I want this!

A step-by-step guide to one of Khalida's favourite choreographies <3


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Oriental Choreography & Taqsim Tips - A Step-by-Step Guide (3 Videos)

3 ratings
I want this!